Located in the heart of historic Davidson, NC the Beaver Dam combines southern charm along with the perfect location.

Beaver Dam Historical Homes and Ground is available to the public for rentals throughout the year. Situated on 10 acres of greenery, it has the perfect rustic ambiance for you to say I Do.

Wedding F.A.Q.

Who cleans up after my wedding?
Our staff will handle the cleanup of food, linens and items brought by our staff. Normally it is a good idea to have someone from your team to meet with our event lead before and after your event to make sure that any additional items are giving to the right person at the end of the event. Such as arrangements, and props.

Who Handles the breakdown of tables and chairs when using a venue?
Most venues provide staff to take care of this item. But additional staff may need to be planned in the event that items are rented.

What is the last time I can change my head count?
Clients should be required to RSVP two- three weeks prior to the wedding day. We require that the final head count is in for large events and weddings two weeks prior. Head count may be increased but not decreased.

Can I get my deposit back if the wedding is canceled?
All Deposits are non-refundable.

When do I need to pay for My Wedding order?
Final head count and payment are due two weeks prior with a final meeting.

What is a Service Charge?
The service charge covers, coordination fees, decor items used on buffets and for presentation as well as insurance and permits.

What happens if we run out of beer & wine?
We can always get more and very rarely run out as we plan this well in advance. If more is needed we will check with a family member or host to ensure this is handled correctly.

If we need extra how to we pay?
We require a signature and credit card on file prior to the event to avoid problems the day of the event.

Can we have the leftover food after our wedding we have a house full of people?
We pack food for the host of the event, but there are health department regulations that only allow food that is being served to sit out for a certain period of time and hold a proper temperature.

Metzger-West Wedding - Beaver Dam Davidson NC